Name: Evelyn Wilder

Profession: User Experience Designer

Experience: I am currently the User Experience Designer at Auraria Library, serving 50,000 students from three institutions on one urban campus. Previously worked in Los Angeles as an assistant film editor and documentary editor. See my film credits at IMDB.com

What does that have to do with anything? Well, when you edit a movie, you have hundreds of hours of film to pare down to the best bits. You become extraordinarily aware of the smallest details: an eyebrow lift, the inflection of a word. Everything communicates to the audience and you must use the best elements to tell your story. Graphic design requires the same focus and attention to minutiae.

What brought you to Denver? I grew up in L.A. and was ready for something different. My future husband felt the same way and we picked Denver out of a book called "Places Rated." (We did visit first, and loved it.)

I'll add more questions and answers in time. Have one you'd like to ask?